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Free VPS hosting is a dream nowadays, and no one can deny that it is an expensive solution for beginners. A beginner cannot afford to spend a lot of money on free Windows cloud server. VPS hosting is a powerful server, and it adds greater value to the SEO in terms of website performance and loading speed.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Web Hosting for websites. It is a powerful server that involves CPU cores, RAM and Storage and users can select the hardware as per the requirement. Servers are heavy duty powered by high-end CPU, RAM modules, and SSD Storage. Every server equipped with an operating system and Linux based OS stands as the best for servers.

Linux OS consumes fewer resources while providing the latest features and functions at the same time. Users have the option to select free Windows cloud server as well, but it might consume more RAM and CPU usage than others.

YouStable web hosting company in India offering a fully-functional VPS hosting in a giveaway. The Free Windows VPS trial no credit card gives an opportunity for the people to participate in it and get a chance to win VPS account.

VPS Hosting Features:

  • High-end Servers

YouStable equipped the servers with premium hardware manufactured by popular companies like Samsung, Toshiba, and others. We utilize high-end Intel CPU’s including highly stock clocked RAM’s as well. High clocked RAM performs better in servers and gives the users an excellent boost. We modify the stock servers to boost the performance, so some of them stock servers have bottleneck components.

  • Operating System

Our Engineers experience comes from the professional front, so it isn’t something that anyone can gain from books. We have worked with various server OS environment in the past, and we install server OS and scripts for better performance. We select Linux OS over Windows Server OS because it consumes fewer resources compared to Windows Server software.

Supported OS: Centos VPS, Ubuntu VPS, FreeBSD VPS, and Debian VPS operating systems.

  • Uptime & Downtime

Our VPS Hosting does not have downtime at all because we have a dedicated team of Engineers working on it all the time. Yes, our professional Engineers constantly monitor the server’s health to avoid server downtime. We regularly check the health of servers, and replace a bad one immediately, if spotted during the tests. Do not worry about the downtime because we have ZERO downtime.

  • Free Goodies Worth $100

YouStable does not let the users leave without getting free goodies.

  1. We offer free SSL certificate to every VPS hosting user.
  2. A powerful firewall to create an extra layer of protection for the users, so foreign agents cannot break through it.
  3. A popular control panel Webuzo installed in the server so that users can create, edit can manage a website.
  4. One-time Search Engine Optimization worth $100.

What more do you ask for?

  • Free VPS Migration

Everyone wants to get a bit more features and service than one can expect from a web hosting company. YouStable offers free website migration from one web hosting to YouStable VPS hosting without any issues. Yes, you don’t have to worry about the existing site data because our team is ready to move it without data loss. We have a fully trained team to migrate a site without data loss.

  • Customer Support

You get up to 20X Faster Servers, but what is more for the customers? YouStable has a dedicated customer support team for every customer, and you can contact the team via phone, email, and ticket system. Our team typically replies the email and ticket support within 12-hours of the period, and a quick reply can resolve the issue faster.

Steps to Participate in VPS Hosting Giveaway-

  1. First You Have to Subscribe our Channel through link Techpay
  2. After Subscribing our Channel you can unlock google form.
  3. Fill all required detail in google form and submit.
  4. I Prepared an excel sheet like 1,2,3… as I got an entry like I am the first user who fill up form first I am on 1 position in excel sheet than I select a random no. for a winner.
  5. I will announce the winner in the next video showing you random number pickup.

********* Participate and Won VPS Hosting **********


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