GlowRoad Reseller App- Work from Home, Earn Money online8 min read

Glowroad Reseller app

GlowRoad Reseller App- Work from Home, Earn Money online

What is GlowRoad Reseller App?

Glowroad reseller app is a platform where many of suppliers upload their product for reselling. The uploaded product is generally sold by the reseller like you, I who sign up on the glowroad app as a reseller and select the right product and share it into our connection if someone purchases it from your link you will get a margin for that product. Generally, we can say glowroad app is an E-commerce for a reseller who work for this platform to provide orders to Glowroad App.

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How GlowRoad Reseller App Works?

Glowroad is a reseller app where 100000+ reseller works for this app. Many of vendors who want to sell their products online so glowroad provides a platform to the seller/vendors to sell their products online. Sellers/Suppliers create there account on this app and list their products on GlowRoad app and upload their products with there price, detailed description. Then the uploaded products by the seller show to reseller who want to earn money like we then we sign up on Glowroad app as a reseller and select right product then share this product to our family, friends and social media handle if any one of them like this product they will purchase that product from his link and we get the margin in our account directly after the successful delivery of product. The confirm amount will be sent to our account on every Monday. Also, we can earn from contests, weekly bonus and refer earn program.
Note – Return and Undelivered product’s margin will not be given by the company.


How do we earn from GlowRoad App?

To earn with Glowroad we first need to download the Glowroad App from play store or someone’s referral link if you download from someone’s referral link you will get Rs. 200. After downloading the app you have to sign up on this app as a reseller. You can sign up on this app using your email id, number or using facebook. After sign up on this app go to the setting of this app and fill your bank detail in which you want to get our margin, bonus and refer and earn amounts. Now follow these step to earn with this app –

• Select a product or collection of products which you want to sell before sharing this product select our margin like 10 % or 20% whatever you want and share what products to our family, friends or social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc.

• When you share any product then you will get 10 Rs. on every product sharing.

• If someone orders or place order using your link then you will get a commission which you have already for this product in their corresponding bank accounts.

• Also, you can earn from referring and earn option of you will invite your friend if they sign up using your referral link or referral code and place there first order you will get 250 Rs. commission also he will get 200 Rs. joining bonus.

Use my referral code to sign up on GlowRoad and get Rs. 200. Hurry!
Download Glowroad Reseller App – GlowRoad App
Referral Code: AVNI19DGUGV

• Also, we can earn to participate in Glowroad contests and weekly bonus.


GlowRoad Earning Payouts

All the confirmed amount of margin and refer & earn will send in your bank account on every Monday it will reflect in your bank account in 2-3 days working days. If any product returned then the amount will deduct from confirming the amount.


How to get the first order on GlowRoad Reseller App

You will have to do promote/share the product using social media like WhatsApp Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email etc.
Also, you can use facebook boosting to promote the product on Facebook and Instagram.
Must you will have to share products into your friend zone and family members groups there have more chances to get an order.


More About GlowRoad App

Return/Replace policy are available.
Cash on delivery and Online payment option available if you pay using the online platform you can get off or cashback on the product.

Use my referral code to sign up on GlowRoad and get Rs. 200. Hurry!
Download Glowroad Reseller App – GlowRoad App
Referral Code: AVNI19DGUGV

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