BJP and PDP Separation4 min read

BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) and PDP (People's Democratic Party) Separation

BJP and PDP Separation

BJP and PDP Separation produce Terrorism .”Terrorism is an act of terror which creates fear in the mind of the common people. The path resorted by the terrorists is full of bloodshed, massacre, and callousness.” Today terrorism has become global and its main targets are the democratic countries.

The situation has become worsen already due to regular firing on LOC and attacks. But  Aurangzeb killing led major uproar in all over India. Central Government declared the cease-fire in the holy month of Ramazan. But these terrorists such a cruel human being continued their activities even in the holy month of Ramazan. Not only Martyr Aurangzeb, Martyr Vikas Gurung from Uttarakhand also killed in firing on LOC. All these lead to uproar in J&K valley in the Gurjar community and they are ready to take revenge if don’t take action against it. As similarly in 2002 in “Operation Sarp” also known as   “min Kargil”.


BJP and PDP Separation


Article 370 gives special privileges to J&K, central govt. cannot do interfere in all matter of J&K except communication, defense, foreign affairs/international relations. Whatever bill or act passed by central govt. regarding J&K  can be implemented only after the approval of state govt.  Because of Article 370 central govt.  not has full access in J&K valley.


A government of alliance was made in J&K before 3 years. Since govt. wanted to launch an operation  `all out’ against terrorist but the mufti ‘s govt. was not allowing govt. to do this. As it is the matter of security of India, after the deaths of our soldiers increasing day by day and due to other failures of Mufti’s govt. BJP decided to pull out the alliance from PDP. Now president/governor rule has been declared in J&K. Under the Governor rule army gets more access and govt. has also ended the ceasefire in the state. During this ceasefire our 14 soldiers have been killed in the holy month of Ramazan, this clears that the terrorism has no religion.


Now govt. can launch the operation `all out’ more effectively. Good news is that after the launch of this operation  2 terrorists have been killed of Jaish-e-Mohammad. India is a big country. India has this power of not just counterterrorism even can vanish it from the whole state of J&K.Now it is high time for  India has to show its power.

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